We also have a YouTube channel ‘Guldasta’ which has five segments

It has won the
Inspiring YouTuber of the Year Award

Various segments in our channel are as under

Suno Sacchi Kahaniyaan.png
Real Life Stories

Suno Sacchi Kahaniyaan

This is the first segment in which Real Inspiring Stories are narrated in Hindi to cheer you up. Visuals are included in the videos to authenticate it. These are ordinary people who struggled against all odds and fulfilled the dreams. After watching these videos, you will feel empowered, gather confidence and dare to do what you were hesitant to do earlier. You never know, your story may be featured in one of the upcoming videos

Namaste Zindagi Intro img.png
Lessons for life

Namaste Zindagi

This is the fourth segment of this motivational channel ‘Guldasta is a collection of anecdotes, stories and incidents which bring out the essence of life. They highlight the values, character qualities and help to inculcate a positive mental attitude.
The scope of this segment is very wide. There are anecdotes from olden times and also the present age. They relate to various situations which we face in our daily life. The life lessons from them will show a ray of hope in your life and enable you and your family to celebrate life to the fullest.

For mothers to be

Aisi Banoongi Main Maa

This segment contains 12 videos on how the thought process of a mother to be affects the personality of the child. Here we give scientific tips on how the mother should think, behave and act so that her child grows up to be healthy, happy and confident. These will boost the confidence of the mother, and by following these tips her child will be her pride. We also explain the steps and precautions to be taken during various stages of development of the child.

Gaata Rahe Mera Dil.png
Musical Delight

Gaata Rahe Mera Dil

This is the fifth segment of this motivational channel ‘Guldasta is a collection of melodious songs to entertain you.

Looking for life a partner

Kya Jaane Shaadi Se Pehele

This segment contains 12 videos on how to choose a life partner.
Here we discuss all the aspects leading to the marriage. Starting with why should one get married? How to choose your like partner? Which is better-love marriage or arranged marriage? Planning of the events leading to marriage. Distribution and delegation of responsibilities. After watching all these episodes, you will be better equipped to plan your wedding in a much better way. It is a must watch for parents and youth of marriageable age.